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 Vermillion Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Vermillion Guild Rules   Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:10 pm


Welcome To Vermillion ^_^

Glad to have you join us and thank you for reading these ^^ We know this is just a game so I won't certainly want to stress these rules but we just need to agree on certain ideas before you agree to join us ^^ As you become a part of our family, you will be required to follow these rules:

1. No PK. Plz DO NOT DRAG other members to involve in your pk! If you're in some pk or troubles, tallk to leia or solve it yourself, keep it between you and them, try not to make other guidies involving! I believe your strong, mature n independent enough to solve your own troubles.


3. No Begging for alz gears or anything.

4. No Causing any drama, troubles, or problems that you may bring to guild and can effect other guidies.

5. No Spaming in guild chat.

6. No Botting/hacking and No Jumping/Hopping Guild.

7. Inform guild leader or captains if there is something needed attention.

8. Talk or Email Leia to let her know what you are up to if ur gonna be busy in real life or build another chac on another guild. We really want everyone to have their alternative members in guild, and not encourage you to have your chac in different guilds but its okies if u want your other chac to be in different guilds, but buddy leia or suri on your alternatives, just so if we run dungeon and we see u online we would love to have you come and join us.

9. Make efforts to talk and get to know each other.

After all, we are here to have fun so why not make more friends and enjoy the game. This guild is mainly build for friends/family so we don't really want to deal with drama but if these rules are break, you will be expelled from guild, no hurt feeling, we just want to make sure its fair fun place for everyone.
Vermillion is built just for fun dungeon runs and boss hunting.This is a place for family friends to have fun enjoy the game so i dont look forward to a big chaos guild. We may need time to develop but our steps are consistenly strong and stable to progress, because we build this home based on trust, friendship and communication.
Thank you so much for reading ^^
Leia <3
Have Fun Gaming
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Vermillion Guild Rules
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